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UpdatedTuesday July 26, 2022 byWachusett Youth Football & Cheer.

Welcome to the start of another exciting year of Wachusett Youth Football & Cheer. In order for your Athlete to be able to participate this season, you need to ensure that all required registration and participation paperwork is filled out correctly and delivered prior to our conditioning camp.

Note the following items are everything you need to get turned in prior to participating in the required Conditioning Camp:

  • New Wachusett players will require a Birth Certificate with a raised seal. This cannot be a photocopy and has to be official. We will return your original copy to you after the players have been verified by the league.

    • Returning players do not need a birth certificate, unless we no longer have it on file. We will contact you directly if we need it again.

  • Annual Physical signed by the Athlete's pediatrician DATED on or after Jan 1st of the current calendar year. If your child's most recent physical was in a previous calendar year, you need the pediatrician to fill out the Medical Clearance form on page 6 of your player pack (not to be confused with the "return to Play form" as they look similar).

  • Documents included in the "Official AYF Player Pack" that need to be filled out and signed (PRINT SINGLE SIDED ONLY AND NOT DOUBLE SIDED)

    • Participation Contract, Tracking and ID Card (page 2)

    • AYF Code of Conduct Form (page 3)

    • Waiver and Release of Liability - MINOR (Page 4)

    • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) / Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement Form (Page 5)

    • Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent and information (Page 7)

    • Image Release - MINOR (Page 8)

    • NOTE: Some forms require the athlete's signature, you need to have him/her sign or print, no matter their age.
  • Printed Copy of the athletes report card (this cannot be a screenshot from you phone and must be a printed copy from Powerschool). Home schooled athletes should be sure to have the correct reporting cards filled out and submitted in lieu of powerschool. All grade levels should have this with the exception of newly enrolled Kidergartners or newly enrolled 1st graders. (number and letter grades accepted)




1. Log into your account at WACHUSETTYFC.ORG

2. Locate the Athlete’s name and click on the “Print Forms” button

3. Click on “Official AYF Player Pack” under the “PRINT DOCUMENTS”

4. When prompted, download the entire player pack which will include all necessary forms that will need to be filled out for the current season.

5. Once filled out, you can mail them to the following address, or dropped off at one of our events prior to the start of Conditioning Camp.

Wachusett Youth Football & Cheer

PO Box 239

Holden, Massachusetts 01520


All of these items are very important. If this package is not complete, your child will not be able to participate in CMYFCC games/events. If you have any questions about any of these requirements, please let us know at