Spring Flex Football is Here

Updated Thursday March 14, 2019 by Jennifer Oswitt.

Introducing SPRING FLEX FOOTBALL, offered to all athletes ages 4-14.  Flex is a fast-paced alternative to flag football with limited, controlled contact played with NFL-style soft-shell helmet and pads, allowing more focus on the running and passing game.  This is a great introduction to football for new players, and excellent off-season training for those who currently play football in the fall. 

The Basics:

  • 9 on 9 play
  • Traditional first downs
  • Limited contact
  • Players are introduced to blocking
  • No shoulder blocking
  • No tackling
  • Players wear flags, just like traditional flag football
  • Players wear soft-shell helmets and soft-shell shoulder pads
  • FUN!!!
For further information on Flex Football  visit http://www.FlexFootball.com or watch: https://vimeo.com/233674571  
2019 SPRING Flex Football is being hosted by Marlboro AYF.   Individual players may register directly with Marlboro at http://marlboroughayf.website.siplay.com/.  The $75 registration fee includes all required equipment. 
IF YOU HAVE A GROUP of 10-12 players who would like to register as a team, contact Jenn at oswittj@gmail.com so we can help get your team registered with Marlboro. The per-player TEAM registration fee is $99, which also includes all required equipment.  Teammates are NOT required to be Wachusett AYF players.
Practices/Games: 30 Mins of Flex Practice followed by an hour game from April 27th through Sunday June 16th, (except for May 26 Memorial Day Weekend); additional optional practices may be offered at the discretion of your coach. 

Questions? E-mail MAYFRegistrar@gmail.com for more info.