FLEX Football Information

UpdatedFriday March 18, 2022 byJeff Hatin.


Registration Costs: $150 - Includes: Soft Shell Helmet, Soft Shell Shoulder Pads, Flags, Game Jerseys

Items needed for your athlete: Mouthguard, Cleats, Short/Athletic Pants


Wachusett Flex Football program is for Grades K-1 (7V7) and Grades 2-3 (9v9). The game format, created by the former pros at National Flex Football™ and is inspired by the NFL's philosophy of high-tempo, low-impact practices. Flex football provides skill development, player progression, energy and excitement that introduces players to the game of football at a young age, while also bringing new participants and growth to the game we all love.

Flex football is a revolutionary new take on traditional flag football that allows kids to learn the fundamental football skills while playing a low-contact version of the game that they love! "Tackling" is still achieved by pulling flags, rather than player-to-player contact. Unlike traditional flag football, however, flex football includes blocking, pass rushing, and press coverage and forces players to use footwork, proper technique, leverage, and body positioning to execute plays without any involvement of the head.



  • Limited to No contact to the head
  • K/1 is 7v7 and 2/3 is 9v9
  • Includes all positions just like a tackle team with Live, full speed, real football reps!
  • Allows blocking, and blitzing with low impact, two-hand touch format!
  • Includes pass rush/press coverage/run game
  • Develops all other fundamental football skill sets outside of full contact tackling
  • Prepares players for advancement to tackle programs with an Inclusion of NFL style soft-shell gear keeps kids acclimated to gear and remain safe!


**Watch the following video for some history of the game and to learn more about the benefits of

Flex Football found and co founder of the game itself.**