Football Information

Updated Saturday March 16, 2019 by Joel Lemoine.

For the 2019 football season, we are are open to all children from 3-8th grade in the Wachusett School District.  For our Grade 2-3 children we offer Flex Football. For children in 4th through 8th grade we will be fielding tackle teams.  

Wachusett YFC is a member of the Central Mass Youth FOotball and Cheer Conference (CMYFCC), which is affiliated with American Youth Football League (AYF), the world's largest youth football and cheer league. 


Our tackle football practice season usually begins the week of August 1. Practices are 4 nights/week with days off/make-up nights scheduled on alternating Mondays and Fridays to give 4-day weekends for families to enjoy the end of their summer.

Practices are generally held from 6:00 - 8:00 at Muddy Pond Field in Sterling until school starts.  Following the start of school, practices may vary by team and will be determined by each coach.  

To ensure player safety, AYF requires all tackle football players to have a minimum of 10 hours of conditioning without pads prior to the start of padded practice.  Players who miss practice during the initial 10 practice hours MUST complete their manadatory 10 hours prior to wearing pads with the team.


Teams will play one game per week, typically on Sundays.  We are a member of the Central Mass AYF conference, meaning that all games prior to playoffs will be held within and against other Central Massachusetts teams.